The flexOn Platform

With encentive's flexOn platform, all your cooling and heating processes are consolidated and optimized across plants and manufacturers.

The integrated services reduce your energy demand, optimize grid costs and grid procurement, and integrate your supplier to minimize power purchase prices.

Higher-level optimization layer

On flexOn, the energy consumption and temperatures of all your consumers, as well as generators such as photovoltaics or CHP converge.

Intelligent forecasts are used to create optimized schedules that predictively minimize consumption, grid usage and costs due to peak loads.

The connection is carried out quickly and cost-effectively with our help and through our plant engineering network and functions across all plants and crafts.

flexOn Services

Flexibility - shifting electricity consumption over time - can be used in a number of ways to optimize energy costs:

For reducing your energy consumption

For minimizing your grid purchases

For the reduction of your electricity purchase price

This is how our modular services work

Reduce energy consumption
Minimize grid purchase
Cut power purchase costs

Reduce energy consumption by up to 30%

By bringing together information on consumption and temperatures centrally on one interface, unoptimized operating modes and waste can be quickly identified and improved.

To do this, we provide you with suggestions and optimized schedules on a clear dashboard or via push SMS or email. In this way, you have one interface for everyone from the plant operator to the general manager.

Your advantages:

Simple connection

We take care of the concept development and retrofitting. This saves costs for third party consultants.

Risk free & safe

The free concept creation in cooperation with your plant engineer guarantees full safety in operation.

Monetary & ecological benefit

Economic optimization by up to 30%, transparent monthly subscription costs after implementation.

Minimize grid purchase

Rarely, the refrigeration machine knows how much energy is currently being generated by its own photovoltaic system. By predicting consumption and generation, flexOn fully automatically optimizes demand in times of high self-generation in order to reduce expensive grid purchases.

You save through increased self-consumption, because the remuneration for plants outside the EEG is always many times lower than the cost of the purchase. At the same time, load peaks are detected early and minimized preventively.

Your advantages:

Increase own consumption

By increasing your own consumption, you reduce the amount of electricity you draw from the grid and thus lower your energy bill.

Avoid load peaks

By predicting consumption and feed-in, peak loads are detected before they occur and preemptively avoided.

Minimize CO2 emissions

By optimizing the use of your own PV system, you minimize the amount of CO2 in your electricity mix.

Cut power purchase costs

Previous consumption management systems are isolated solutions. But our platform has natively integrated interfaces to utilities, suppliers, and virtual power plants to access times of low electricity prices on a global scale and on power exchanges.

As a result, flexible consumers always run cheaper than rigid ones and are below the average purchase price, while supporting the advancement of the energy transition.

Your advantages:

Reduce purchasing costs

Fully automatically, energy consumption is shifted from expensive to favorable times in order to reduce procurement prices.

New opportunities

Native integrated interfaces allow easy integration into energy communities or virtual power plants.

Part of the transition

Energy is cheap when there is a lot of renewable energy available. In addition to monetary savings, you actively drive the energy transition.

encentive Dashboard

Most of the prediction, aggregation and load shifting happens in the background. This is exactly why it is important to offer technology partners and end customers a clear dashboard that displays current and predicted consumer data.

We have developed exactly such a dashboard, which we can customize according to your needs.

How flexible are you?

Free concept development

Many companies do not know that they have immense flexibilities in their plant park. That is why we offer a free and uncomplicated concept creation to analyze the potential of your operations. Unlike traditional consulting projects, you have no risk until implementation. Contact us today!