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Automated control, AI-based optimization & shifting of electricity consumption to green and cost-efficient periods with the flexOn energy management platform

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Achieve your goals with flexOn

Reduce energy costs

Our artificial intelligence uses weather data, exchange prices and system data to create forecasts and intelligent schedules. flexOn then automatically controls your electrical consumers according to the schedules in order to take advantage of volatile market prices and increase their energy efficiency. This pays off for you from day 1.

Reduce CO₂ emissions

Through energy optimization and energy management with AI, you reduce your energy consumption – and the associated CO₂ emissions. In this way, you make an important contribution to the decarbonization of industry and are actively involved in shaping the energy transition.

Understand energy flows

The flexOn energy management platform visualizes energy consumption, energy generation from renewable sources and the behaviour of your systems. This clear, intuitive presentation improves understanding of the complex energy flows and increases transparency.

Be resilient & independent

flexOn carries out a targeted analysis and enables automated, dynamic load shifting to periods with surplus PV production. As a result, your self-generated renewable energy is used more effectively, and you gain independence from the energy markets as well as security against price fluctuations.


Areas of application

One solution for all sectors

Food industry
Paper industry
Materials industry
Chemical industry
Electronics industry
Manufacturing companies
Food industry
Paper industry
Materials industry
Chemical industry
Electronics industry
Manufacturing companies

The flexOn energy management platform is used in various branches of industry. It not only optimizes the use of heating and cooling, but also of charging infrastructures, storage facilities and production processes. As a result, the platform achieves considerable cost savings in a fully automated manner.

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Your path to efficient energy consumption

We accompany you from the initial concept development to implementation and operation. All within a few weeks. The process includes the following steps:



Once you have contacted us, we schedule an initial virtual or on-site meeting to get to know the systems and the objectives within the possible framework conditions.



Based on some of your data (load profiles, etc.), we create an initial cost/benefit analysis, including a concrete offer for the setup and the pilot. Completely non-binding and free of charge.



We compile all the necessary specifications and support the integration. This usually only takes a few weeks and has no impact on your current processes.



You get access to flexOn and save energy costs and emissions from day 1.

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