About Us

The vision we share
is a fossil-free future offering benefits to everyone.

The importance of flexible energy consumption increases with the further roll-out of renewable energy development. Without flexibility on the demand side, we won’t achieve a fossil free future of energy consumption.

Our vision is a future where energy is 100% renewable offering opportunities for everyone to participate and benefit. With our platform for flexibility services we go a first huge step in this direction!

The Team

Daniel Ehnes

Co-Founder & MD,  
Product Development & Engineering

Sascha Greve

Lead Software Development & AI

Torge Lahrsen

Co-Founder, Sales Lead, Investor Relations & Business Development

Sebastian Gajek

Data Science,

Leonard Grosoli

Software Development,

Lasse Bienmüller

Product Development,

Max Gärtner

Sales &
Business Development

Rafiq Kamel

Software Development,
Data Science

Philipp Jakubczyk

Sales &
Business Development

Julian Krämer

Software Development,

Open position

Industrial Engineer

Open position

Software Developer